This month was the kickoff to my busy season of traveling to appearances and guest posing. I just got back from St. Louis which had a phenomenal turnout, [private] their biggest turnout to date. Next stop for me is the Mid Illinois Bodybuilding Championship in Ottawa, Illinois on March 30th.  With all this time away from home, Trish has been a trooper picking up the responsibilities with Faith and keeping both of us nourished with what we need.  Right now in my off season, my goal is to eat as much as I can to gain and put on as much mass as I can before contest prep starts.


This year Trish and I have seemingly reversed roles.  Not that Trish ever “bulks” up, but now with me being in the off season and her just having taken 4th at the Arnold Classic, I’m not necessarily use to helping her diet down for contests while I’m sitting this one out.  Trish had an awesome finish, especially taking into consideration that she gave birth to our beautiful baby girl exactly 1 year ago.  Now she’s onto Brazil to compete in their Arnold in 5 weeks and I’m enjoying my down time.



I accepted my invitation for Mr.Olympia as you can see I’m filling out the contract.  I’ve made several changes this year and am eager to see the results.  I’m still training hard with Johnny O. and he too had a great finish at the Arnold this year.  In addition to my training, I am also starting to accept my part in this social media craze and support my fans as much as you guys support me! Any thoughts, ideas, or questions please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.  I am steadily working on “Branch Nation” which if you are reading this then you already are a member.  I am also going to start training people via email by assisting them in their diet and contest prep so look for that as well.


Anyway, thanks for the support and until next time, TRAIN INSANE, OR REMAIN THE SAME!


Branch Warren